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Who are we?

ُEpochal Company for resolving managerial and marketing problems introduces its services in the marketing field which serves all sorts of commercial, industrial and service activities using the latest methods and developmental tools. We do so because the preparation of a proper market plan underlies the growth of your company & its importance.

  This is intended to benefit from the marketing opportunities that might be available in the field of specialized connection, especially during the great economic growth that our nation is currently witnessing. Thus, it is beneficial to get to know the elements of your marketing plan (if there is any) which should include: Whom are your targeted customers? How to get in close contact with them? How to maintain their loyalty in order for them to continue purchasing your service?   

Purpose of our Service:

Marketing your company’s products and providing services for your customers in order to help your company create new marketing outlets.   

Features of our Service:

We provide the service using databases which guarantee the storage of customer’s data and provide the service in the least time possible and with the greatest efficiency. Since Up Call is a company specialized in marketing for others, it depends on the availability of your creative suggestions about your services which are more effective in your customers’ needs, and that distinguishes your company between the other competing companies.

Our Service also includes providing distinctive suggested offers to guarantee new customers and to sustain old ones. Selecting business partners who share the same vision: This is to implement successful and effective service on the value added to the customer (Who is the basis of our work). Digital marketing extends its impact to all customers in Qatar, which is trying to target service provision Expansion.

Our principle is to recruit great talents in marketing who provide the best and the most effective service as an added value for the customers and to gain a positive standing in the market with each customer.    

                             Who are we?

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