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Fusion of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger? What we know about the Facebook project

RECONCILIATION - With three services with billions of users, Facebook is working on a common platform for WhatsApp, Instagram Direct and Messenger messaging.

With the proliferation of social networks, we have an increasingly large number of contacts dispatched in our new virtual environment. But we do not necessarily find all of these new agoras. Not easy then to talk to many when you are not on the same network. Facebook has understood and would consider solving the problem, according to the New York Times.

Owner of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg is left with so many instant messaging services. In a statement reported by the US newspaper, Facebook says it wants to "create the best messaging experiences possible" and that they are "fast, simple, reliable and private". She is working to bring the three platforms closer, says the American daily. No merger in sight, the three social networks would retain their independence. But, within a common tool, it might become possible to chat with a contact regardless of the service on which you added it.

Facebook reportedly said the project would take a long time to implement to interconnect the three platforms and allow users to view the messages of each application in the same place. Will this allow video calls or cross-platform group conversations? To see…

WhatsApp and Instagram each have more than one billion users, but many are common. This possibility would also have the advantage of forcing Facebook to encrypt all conversations for security, which is currently the case only on WhatsApp. But, what is also worrying is the ability to cross even better data of users for advertising purposes.

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